MysteryQuest World Geography

Welcome to the MysteryQuest video conference project. This project is designed for middle school students studying world geography. Through video conference technology students are able to meet other students while learning about cities and countries in the world. Prior to the video conference each classroom will create a presentation with clues about their ONE mystery country and city. The other classrooms, using maps, the Internet, textbooks, and other resources, will try to discover the mystery location presented by each participating classrooms.

Flyer: MysteryQuestflyer.doc
Note Taking Worksheet: MQWorldNoteTakingShortVersion.doc

New Short 1 Hour Agenda
  • 1 min Intro & Directions (no more school intros; you can add two sentences max to your presentation if you keep the total to 7 minutes or less)
  • 4 groups x 7 min presentations = 30 min. for group presentations
  • 15 minutes for research (can use computers from the start)
  • We're SKIPPING the Q&A and re-evaluate to increase the pressure, make it harder, and make it shorter.
  • 5 min. Each classroom presents their guesses to the clues.
  • 5 min. Correct mystery locations revealed by each classroom.

Credit: This project is modeled after the Where in the USA project by Learning Space (1996-2004).